last update -> no WiFi transfer on local folder (HTTP/WebDAV)

  • Hi,

    Since the last update i open the nPlayer, on the first tab (named "Local" in spanish) I tap on the wifi icon top left and the window that opens has the HTTP/WebDAV disable, I enable it, the address appears ( in my case ) I go to my computer, open Safari or Chrome and I try to access that address... I get timeout, I can't connect.

    With previous version I could, since last update I'm unable.

    I can browse internet on both my computer and my iPad and I'm connected to the right WiFi.

    Anyone with the same problem?

    I have just uninstall the app and downloaded again from AppStore and same problem...



    works for me

    details please (chrome version,safari version,iOS device,iOS version)

  • iPad Air 2 Cellular version, iOS 8.1
    Safari and Chrome versions, you refer to the ones on my computer right? I'll check it. Thanks.

  • @Fixed I started having problems with other devices on the network and a hard reset of the router was the solution ... now i can see again the wifi transfer.

    Sorry for the inconvenience ...


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