1. Music-Video open in PiP window, later click the standby button. background playback from music video is gone. Why? Error?

    2. Have in iTunes music 200 mp3 files. Later Go to nPlayer local, iTunes, Music, first album, mp3 file with album cover (Mouse.mp3)
      Copy this mp3 file to local. But why has the file other extension (M4A), no album cover, no extension for the name (Mouse.mp3<-- missing). Why? Error?

    3. Local does not have the date view. Why? In nPlayer 3.1 I can see Mouse mp3 05.10.2014, 15:30 / 4.05mb Now is gone. Why? Error?

    4. In nPlayer 2.6.5 there is the original size for low-resolution videos. Now is gone. Why? Error?

    5. In nPlayer 2.6.5 Boost function perfect for the mini-player ( I use in mini-player the settings Audio Boost 200%). The new mini-player in nPlayer 3 not working. Why? Error?


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