Background Playback issue when using AirPlay

  • Hi,

    In Settings > Playback, I have Background Playback unchecked, but when I exit/switch apps, video isn't pausing and sound is still running in the background when I'm streaming via AirPlay.
    I think this issue appeared since a few updates back. Hope you can fix it in the next update.

    Loved your app since v.1. All the best!

  • Bug still there after the last 2 updates... :(

  • administrators

    It's not a bug. Regardless of the Background Playback, when playing via Airplay, playback in home screen has been supported previously. And playback in sleep mode when playing via Airplay mirroring is supported from v3.3.0.

    These features are intended to do other tasks when playing via Airplay at the same time. Please note that for using.

  • Thank you for your answer. Though I've been using AirPlay mirroring for years with nplayer, and obviously, when watching a video, I think it's better and logic if playback pauses when you go back to home screen for example. Hope you can at least incorporate a setting to allow that.


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