Restore purchase not working

  • Hi,

    I bought nPlayer version 2.6 in the past and shared this with my daughter through family sharing.
    Now, with the 3.x, I wanted to give her the new features.
    I bought the upgrade on her iPad, and DTS playback worked immediately after that.
    Also, the purchase mail mentions her apple ID.

    After a week the new features stopped working and she got the pop-up to restore the in-app purchase.
    When tapping "restore" it asks to login, but with my apple ID (as I am the parent who has the credit card set), and I am unable to change the login. When I type my password, it says the purchase can not be found.

    How do I get out of this situation?


  • administrators


    It seems that your purchase is not displayed on the history of App Store even though you actually made a purchase. We think it might be Apple's mistake.

    We do not have an authority to see the purchase history. Please remove and reinstall the app, and if problem is not solved, please contact the Apple company with your purchase history for further information. Here is how to check the purchase history in iTunes.

    We are sorry for not being able to be of your assistance in this regard.

    *Family Sharing of In-app purchase is impossible due to Apple's policies.


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