App Freezes

  • Hi there,

    I seem to having a very odd issue when streaming a specific mkv file through the local network using smb. Other mkv files work fine.

    This only happens for the one series that I'm watching. Seems likely that it could be a reencoding issue(?)

    When I play it for the first time, it'll play just fine but if I exit then play the same file again, the app freezes. I also checked the network usage on the computer, it initially spikes but then stops immediately.

    Tried different video players and it works just fine. I also tried the free and paid nPlayer apps but issue still persists.

    Will kindly give extra information if needed.

    EDIT: Seems to only happen when I change the subs and language, exit the video then click on it again.

  • administrators

    We have replyed via Email that you send. Thanks. :)


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